Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for New Registrations


Payment for group lessons is $30 per session for Year Levels 7-10. This is $40 for Year Levels 11-12.

Payment for 1-on-1 sessions is $50 per session for Year Levels 7-10. This is $60 for Year Levels 11-12.

The above payments can be made weekly. Otherwise students/parents/guardians are also allowed to prepay monthly which includes 4 lessons (10% discount) or prepay for the term which includes 8 lessons (15% discount) or as otherwise agreed between students/parents/guardians and NextEd management.

Before paid sessions begin, all students/parents/guardians are eligible for a one week free trial.


By enrolling in NextEd, students/parents/guardians agree to commit to weekly sessions of tutoring. If we are notified of absence at least 24 hours prior to a group lesson start time then payment is not necessary. Please note that payment is received ahead of time for 1 on 1 bookings and in the case of missing these sessions, a refund will not be given. If you choose to pay per lesson, a $100 bond is to be paid at commencement of tuition to cover any outstanding future lessons. Any remaining bond at the end of tuition agreement will be returned to the student/parent/guardian. Bond does not apply if you choose to prepay for the term.


During Online Tutoring, sessions between the tutor and student will be recorded and uploaded to NextEd’s learning platform (under the online resources tab) for the convenience of the student. The recordings will be uploaded and available to the student for the duration of their receiving of tutoring services, but will expire one month after the tutoring services are stopped by either party.


• NextEd may refuse admission to students who have outstanding fees. 

• Students are to arrive at session commencement time and be collected at end of session time. Outside of session times, NextEd is not responsible for student supervision.

• Minimum 2 weeks notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child during a term. 

• Students/parents/guardians agree to inform NextEd management promptly of any changes to contact details. 

• Session times and fees are subject to change. We will make every effort to advise students/parents/guardians should this occur.

• NextEd reserves the right to refuse tuition for a student displaying inappropriate/disruptive behaviour.

• Tuition classes do not run during NSW Public Holidays. Alternative classes may be arranged.

• All materials & resources bearing the logo of NextEd are the sole property of NextEd Centre ABN 30 063 283 143.

• Under no circumstances, materials or resources given to students are to be sold, reproduced or repeated in any form without prior written consent.


For the benefit of the child, it is highly recommended that regular attendance is maintained. If your child cannot make it for any reason, at least 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is given for absence then lesson is forfeited and payment is still due. Students who miss 3 sessions in a term may be liable to lose their allocated session time with a refund of unused future sessions issued at the discretion of NextEd.