Minecraft Coding

Play & Code Minecraft

For Years 4-6!

We are beginning our after school minecraft coding sessions for Years 4-6!
Limited spots available, enrol your child before spots fill up!
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Teaching Coding on Minecraft!

Your child will be guided through an 8 week course where they will have learnt Coding Fundamentals One, on the Minecraft Education platform!

Your child will be among 10 students in a classroom being guided by a qualified coding tutor, every step of the way.

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Real Game-Story Interactions!

The whole course involves coding a little robot buddy to do different tasks on Minecraft. Your child learns to control and direct the robot through code!

Every week there is a different story to follow, one week it may be a spaceship problem, and the next it may be a farming issue that your robot needs to fix!

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  • Interactive Learning
  • Coding Fundamentals Course
  • One Week Free Trial
  • Certificate of Completion
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